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Creating a Release

In order to create a release, there are a couple of steps to go through:

Start by updating the version number in package.json and manifest.json. Then add a new version entry into versions.json.

A version entry in versions.json would like something like the following:

"{PLUGIN_VERSION}": "{MINIMUM_OBSIDIAN_VERSION}" // i.e. "1.3.4": "0.9.7" 
If you are not sure what version to use for {MINIMUM_OBSIDIAN_VERSION}, use your current version of Obsidian.

Now that the versions are updated, create a pull request and merge the changes into master. Once that is done go to the releases tab and select draft a new release. Then you can type in the new tag which should be the version of the release (i.e. 1.3.4) and have it create the tag on creation of the release. Autofill the release using the option to "Generate release notes". Then attach the compiled main.js and manifest.json to the release before publishing the release.