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Open a Pull Request

Before opening a pull request, please start of by linting the repository.

Linting the Repository

Files should be linted prior to creating a pull request. The linter will make sure that the code follows the desired code style and formats the files as needed. The linter can be run by npm run lint or npm run compile.

Trailing whitespace and empty line preservation

The file linter removes trailing spaces and blank lines. If they are essential use ${''} at the end of a line or by itself on a line to preserve trailing whitespace or empty lines.

const str = dedent`
  line with essential trailing spaces   ${''}
  previous line is completely blank

Run Unit Tests

The next thing to do is to make sure that all tests are passing by running npm run test. If any tests fail, please get them working before opening a pull request.

Creating a Pull Request

Once all changes have been made, any applicable tests added, and the file linting has applied formats and identified no issues, then it is time to create a pull request.

When creating a pull request, please make sure that if it fixes a bug, adds a requested feature, or implements a suggested refactor, please make sure to include Fixes #{ISSUE_NUMBER}. This will help associate the change with the created issue and it will help make sure that issues are closed when their fixes are merged.

Please include a little bit about what the pull request does in the description of the ticket to help give some context to the developers that review the pull request.