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Refactoring Code

Before trying to refactor code or create a proof of concept, make sure that you have setup the Linter for local use as described in the Setup Guide.

Create an Issue

When planning to refactor large portions of code, please create an issue on the repository before creating a pull request, so that the suggested refactor can be looked at before any work or proof of concept is requested. This will help save time for everyone involved.

Proof of Concept

A proof of concept may be requested for code refactors or code cleanup which should be a small example of the refactor that will be created. It should be created as a draft pull request.

These types of pull requests should give an idea of the suggested change without spending the time needed to convert all code to use the suggestion. It can help display the strengths and weaknesses of the suggested change.

Code Changes

Once the proof of concept, if requested, or refactor idea gets the green light, feel free to create a pull request with the suggested changes present or convert the draft pull request to a regular pull request if it already exists.